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What Browser Am I Using?

What Browser am I using is a free service allowing you to check your browser type and other information about your computer setup whilst browsing the internet. This is useful tool to quickly send your browser details to a web designer who is asking this question. Web designers often request browser information in order to help diagnose any bugs in a web page you may be viewing, since different browsers can render online pages in different ways.

Use the form on this page to send the information straight to your web designer or development, so there is not need to make a note of copy the information. It contain all the details they will be looking for, so simply enter your email, and their email address and the rest will happy automatically.


What Browser Information for Web Designers

If you are a web designer this is a useful page to send to your clients, and save them having to hunt around in different menus to identify their browser type, when you are trying to identify the bug they are experiencing. You can also generate a link that means the forms fields are automatically popupated and all your client has to do is press the send message button to provide you with the details you need.